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Hanna Buschbeck "Liebe"

Hanna Buschbeck was born in 1906 in Marienburg, West Prussia. She was a secretary and head of a commercial department. Between 1953 and 1964, she lived in Santa Barbara, California, where she met people connected with experimental parapsychology. After returning to Germany, she subsequently lost her husband, mother and two sisters. This chain of tragic events motivated her to dedicate herself intensively to parapsychological phenomena.

Reading, in 1968, the book by Friedrich Jürgenson, Radio Communication with the Dead, and the impression it caused on her, made Hanna opt for voices on magnetic tape and immediately start with her own experiments. From that moment on, until her death, she devoted all her available time, and all her willpower and energy, to the research of this phenomenon.

After meeting Friedrich Jürgenson in person, there was no longer any doubt about her path in her life. Her efforts were aimed at bringing together all the experimenters, at that time still rare and widely dispersed.

Hanna Buschbeck's residence became, from 1972 onwards, a point of regular meetings, both regional and international. She managed to take important scientists and parapsychologists as speakers for these meetings, among them prof. Hans Bender, Burkhard Heim, Prof. Alex Schneider, Friedrich Jurgenson, Dr. Konstantin Raudive and, from abroad, prof. Argumosa, from Spain, pastor Leo Schmid, from Switzerland, prof. Uphoff, from the United States, and many others.

She also gave well-researched lectures herself, and gave interviews at home and abroad. In 1975, for example, she addressed the Society for Parapsychological Research in Santa Barbara, California (USA), of which she was an honorary member. And, starting in 1970, she established decisive contacts with George Meek, who would become world-renowned, along with his team, due to the success of Spiricom 1982.

Hanna Buschbeck had a great influence on voice research on magnetic tape, and was the true founder of the Association for Voice Research on Magnetic Tape, whose vice-presidency she exercised from 1975 until October 1980, collaborating with all her knowledge and her international contacts. Alongside Friedrich Jürgenson and Konstantin Raudive, she pioneered voice research on magnetic tape.

At the age of seventy-six, Hanna acquired a computer and learned how to operate it (with Basic), in order to be able to research PSI influences on electronic calculators in relation to transcommunication.

On April 14, 1984, Hanna Buschbeck passed into the other world, of the existence of which she, due to the experiences of many years, was firmly convinced.

In 1987, Hanna Buschbeck was captured on television by the couple Harsch-Fischbach, in Luxembourg, as a young woman, who smiles and moves her lips, seems to say "Liebe" (love).

Source: Bridge between Here and Beyond, Hildegard Schafer

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