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Hildegard Schaffer "The paranormal voices prove life in the afterlife"

Interview with researcher Hildegard Schaffer, (author of the book - Ponte entre o Aqui e o Além) published in the French magazine Le Monde Inconnu in February 1993. Translated and published in Folha Espírita in August 1983

Hildegard Schafer: It seems that, since 1915, the English magazine "Light" evokes voices transmitted by electromagnetic waves. In 1956, Raymond Bayless and Attila von Szalay announced their experiments with magnetic tapes, but the results were not seen. The medium Alice A. Bailey writes in her work "Esoteric Healings": "The first audible proof, brought to our physical level by an afterlife, will be with the help of radium...".

Roseline Ruther: Right... But skeptics claim that onto the tapes we project our thoughts...

H.S.: To convince the skeptics, only the well-appointed technique. Edison would have already researched in this field of voices. Jurgenson was the first to hear them and to show them to others for them to hear. It has been proved that the voices are neither our minds that impregnated the tapes, nor those of the radio broadcasts. Such a contest of circumstances, when the deceased calls the experiencer by name, is impossible.

First Steps, First Voices

R.R.: How were your contacts with the researchers organized?

H.S.: I accepted Konstantin Raudive's invitation, firmly determined not to let myself be convinced except by formal proofs, but with the secret hope of hearing from my daughter. He warned me right away that research required an incredible amount of patience, concentration time, and psychic strength. An anecdote: when of this first meeting I was so skeptical that I considered even suspiciously his preparations for offering me an excellent Latvian tea (Raudive was from Latvia), persuaded that I was that he might mix ingredients to rob me of good sense in my judgment . Then, once my own tapes had registered, I mentally offered him my apologies.

R.R.: What is the sine qua non condition for listening to voices well?

H.S.: An ear that works long and hard. Raudive finally took me to his laboratory, where the muses and technologies were married. Walls dripping with volumes, but, on the tables, benches and chairs, appliances, nothing but appliances. I was stunned: since forever, between technology and me, the relationship was first and foremost glacial.

R.R.: Is it true that certain recorded messages contain, in a single sentence, words from four or five different languages?

H.S.: Exactly, which at least proves that it is not a question of radio emissions, where such an amalgamation would be unthinkable.

R.R.: A "message" would have said one day: "Technique is important, but don't forget that your state of mind is also important".

H.S.: It is absolutely true.

R.R.: Technical side: what is a paranormal voice recording? What elements do we need to carry it out?

H.S.: For a recording, a tape recorder is used. In the first years of research, magnetophones were mainly used. Later the recorders took the lead, considering that the others are no longer manufactured. Not only are the recorders more affordable, but also their technical properties are so perfect that good results are achieved. When purchasing a recorder, you must ensure that it is equipped with the following features:

1) forward and backward key

2) repeat key

3) pause

4) speed control

5) volume

6) Automatic and manual control.

A good tape recorder works well either plugged in or on batteries. To re-listen to the tapes, the repeat and speed variation keys are indispensable. The repeat key allows you to hear a precise point in the recording again without using the pause key. As it is sometimes necessary to listen more slowly to fast paranormal voices, the speed regulator is essential. Naturally, it can be used for the opposite effect.

R.R.: And how does a recording unfold?

H.S.: Let's start with the simplest method, that of the microphone. After inserting a blank tape into the recorder, we address the disappeared with the help of an external or built-in microphone. Leave blanks between the questions, in order to allow the voices to express themselves. The recording should not last more than ten minutes, because relistening takes five times as long. At the end of the recording, rewind the tape and start listening. The beginner will always have a hard time identifying the voices on the tape. Little by little, your ear becomes exercised. Jurgenson, Raudive and other pioneers used the simple and inexpensive microphone method for a long time before moving on to more sophisticated methods. The advantage of this method is that voices are easier to detect than those from radio recordings because the "white noise" is missing. Unfortunately, voices often sound like noise. A microphone amplifier would be advisable.

R.R.: Do the voices offer different particularities?

H.S.: This detail is very important. Not always having the appropriate acoustic material at their disposal, they form very brief, inverted, deformed sentences, of a dubious construction. And the general character of the messages, perhaps to prove to us that they come from the Beyond. Sometimes a new message is on the other side of the old one when recording. It must be believed that there is an interest in recording on the other side of the exact place of the previous message. You should never try to record when you are stressed, upset or taken by negative thoughts. Recordings must be regular, otherwise they get bored. The most propitious moments are those after sunset and on full moon nights, because the disturbing electromagnetic fields move to other places. Don't ask the missing people trivial questions. They are not an information office. Smart questions call for smart answers. Don't believe that the most expensive devices give the best results. Here is a message received: "Technique does not take the place of the power of thought".

R.R.: Could these experiments prove dangerous?

H.S.: Yes. If people are depressed or if they can become dependent on the messages they receive. Even on the other side, there are fanatics and fakers. To research and need in spirit firm, sane and balanced. The voices have a particular rhythm, they pronounce the words in a different way than ours. The final syllables are pronounced louder than the others, a little sung. As for the speed of declarations, it is terrible. No radio station would dare speak to its listeners like that. In any case, the Germans know more than we do, and sometimes they shed light on our future. In your universe, past, present and future are but one. And the anti-time. The voices are sometimes so close that you believe you have them by your side, other times very far away and similar to an echo.

R.R.: Is the research positive for us?

H.S.: The paranormal voices prove the immortality of the soul and the reality of the Beyond. Certain people, when their dead call them by name, are so speechless that they adopt a different attitude towards death. It is no longer a question of faith', but of certainty.

The Dimension of Absence

R.R.: In fact, none of us have tried to reach the voices. They came towards Friedrich Jurgenson from another vibrating universe. Is it necessary to always be present?

H.S.: No. Experimenters in Dusseldorf were having tea in another room, evoking different subjects. During that time, in an empty office, the tape was spinning. It turned out that she was full of voices. It seems that people from the Beyond have their own wave and ethereal ethereal station that allows them to investigate our radio emissions. They have broadcasting stations.

R.R.: Most say: We are alive. "Are we happy".

H.S.: Such messages free large numbers of people from the fear of death. That is their objective: to console the one who cries, to prove that the Other Side exists.


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