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Let's improve contact, by Hildegard Schafer

* Summary and free translation of the text "Améliorons le contact", by Hildegard Schafer, published in the book "La Transcommunication", Jean-Michel Grandsire

➢ 3 months with daily attempts to get the first contact with the daughter.

➢ she used an old radio where stations overlapped, broadcasts in Russian, Polish, Yugoslavian, Czech, languages she didn't know

➢ “La technique n’est pas tout, elle ne remplace pas la puissance de la pensée.” (Technique is not everything, it does not replace the power of thought)

➢ Power of thought = the fervor, the heart's desire to have contact with the deceased, our love for this purpose

Humility and love (p. 32)

➢ Group work must be dominated by harmony. People's vibrations must be in unison. Those with negative vibes will certainly be harmful.

➢ The conditions of success are called humility and love

➢ Any experimenter knows periods of time where contacts are very rare. Atmospheric conditions play an important role. Disorders in the stratosphere can cause disturbances, solar flares, solar eclipses, atomic tests release energies that produce these eddies.

➢ In general, we can say that atmospheric disturbances make clear voice transmission on magnetic tapes very difficult.

The weather (page 33)

In one second, we accumulated 18 impressions; and the beings from beyond, as many impressions as they want. They need to mobilize incredible attention to reach us at the right moment, when we listen to them. We have already been told that 90% of all messages are lost because the human being uses his 18 impressions to see, understand, think and also for other faculties that distract him. But 1/18 of a second, even if silence reigns in us, will not be enough for longer messages.

Human beings need to learn to “empty” time. This means that during the experiment he must be able to disconnect his ears, eyes, nose and thinking so that the messages can be understood.

Another important aspect: start the record by always quoting the same formula, for example: “We call you, dear friends on the other side, and we ask you for help and contact for us and for humanity” —> the objective of gathering energies and faculty of concentration of all, so that they can be unified in the group and that those on the other side can consolidate the channel.

It is also recommended to think together about the questions that will be asked. One person can ask the questions aloud so that the participants' currents of thought are well connected and cannot escape to other places.

It is very important that everyone in the circle demonstrate a unified spiritual imagination so that all concerned can utilize a single point in the experiment.

What is also very important is to take all forms of Transcommunication seriously, because we release energies that can heal or destroy, because energy, by itself, is neither good nor bad, it all depends on how it is used.

We asked about the energy that the beings on the other side need. The answer was this: the energy of tachyons is faster than light and is not measurable. Nicola Tesla, the guardian of tachyon energy, speaks with the Darmstadt group.

An equally very important point, which should be of interest to all researchers: we were told to place a rock crystal in the beam of an ultraviolet lamp. M. Fornoff, in Darmstadt, proceeds in this way in his work. We asked why. Let's put the exact terms of the answer they gave us on the side there:

“The crystal releases energies that you yourselves do not possess. This is why it is important to use the crystal to contain the energy emanating from us. An example: you send a ray of light and this ray falls into a hole. He will then get lost. Thanks to the crystal, the energy ray will be renewed. It will break many times. Here an explanation is required in relation to the concentration of energies: let's imagine that here on our side many radio devices are gathered and that we try to adjust all these devices to a single channel, the one on which the transmitter transmits, so that we can gather this unique energy and that the transmission in question is audible on all other devices. At the same time, dear friends, we are the transmitters, that is to say, we transmit a certain language, a certain dialogue for you and now each one of you, who serve as receivers, will try to manipulate the knob to create a general frequency. This is the explanation I can give you. Now an indication: a crystal must be cleaned. By immersion in natural water, it purifies itself. Rainwater travels through the atmosphere – it is already purified when it reaches you. Rainwater that is standing should not be used. Crystal cleaning is very important.

A mosquito repellent (page 35)

Let us consider another aspect. We were told that some kind of mosquito repellent could complete our kit. In our experimentation circles, this tiny and inexpensive accessory has been used for a long time, sometimes called the “dog whistle”. This device produces a very high-pitched, high-pitched sound, hardly perceptible by human beings, but perfectly perceptible by animals, and dogs in particular. Well understood: mosquitoes perceive the sound and avoid these places where dog whistles are used.

For those on the other side, it's easier to find us thanks to this little accessory, because the frequency emanating from it can be picked up by them. This is not a disturbing frequency. That's why we are asked to use it.

Here's a message we've heard many times before. I would therefore like to repeat once more, faithfully respecting the terms, the message that was transmitted to us from the other side:

“Nem todo o conhecimento técnico é determinante para o estabelecimento da Transcomunicação conosco. O que nós precisamos, o que vocês precisam, meus amigos, é de um sentimento de amor e humildade, para abrir as portas em alta potência, a fim de ela possa vos penetrar. Não vamos nos enganar: os aparelhos sozinhos não são tudo, mas sim o sentimento com que você os manipula, semelhante àquele quando você conduz seu veículo “.

We asked what was the point of TCI. They replied to us:

“The meaning resides in the fact that you are given contacts with proof value, and that they adapt to your technique and material. For the good of people, it is a huge help to have an experience with our deceased loved ones, to learn that death is not the end, but a passage. “

It was sometimes very difficult for us to provide valid information, because the groups of people who came together to carry out these experiences were composed of too many different energies. So it happened that everyone heard different things. But it has always been possible for an isolated person to hear voices as far as he can understand. This was the basic situation we wanted to create.

We ask how voices get on magnetic tape. See the answer:

The direct voices (page 37)

“You see, dear ones, the tape has many layers. What we do is modify the structure of the layers of magnetic tape so that it corresponds to the energies emanating from us.

This is no different from what happens with large devices, which are operated in such a way as to obtain a direct voice. But the situation is quite different if I want to talk through a loudspeaker. So, it is not the magnetic tape that is influenced, but the devices through which we articulate. We capture the frequencies, we group them and we drive them through the device directly to the speaker. You saw this in Luxembourg, and also at Peter harting's home in darmstadt. You can see how much the voices have been modified”.

We asked why computer, video, and telephone communications only took hold later, and we were told:

“The voices on a tape recorder initially meant insertion mode for us, because the other material was not yet available to us in sufficient quantities. Here we don't just need devices, we also need the experimenter, for example, to conduct telephone contacts, to use a computer, to let someone talk. The sequence of the first transcontacts happened thanks to Peter Harting, thanks to Manfred Boden and thanks to our friends from Luxembourg at the same time”.

We asked: “Are these people with mediumistic faculties, or were they chosen on purpose by you or was it their soul that chose this path?”

Answer: “The last hypothesis is correct. The behavior of the soul was decisive for making it possible to use these beings as channels. Each brings with it, in a latent form, the question relative to the meaning of life, the origin of the human being and his destiny, but in one or the other there are precise dispositions that allow us to give them the grace of revelation, in order to so that they can transmit their knowledge to others.

We asked if there are research groups on the other side.

Answer: “Yes, but we do not call them “research groups”, and yes we say, at this point, that these groups are composed of different people, and please do not take the term “people” literally. These are different spiritual vibrations. Your spiritual vibrations unite you, each one brings your particular knowledge, your particular revelations of your Akashic chronicle within universal knowledge.

For this reason, it is possible for physicists and other scientists who work here to start new paths with you and for the study process of each one to advance, as is your case”.

We asked, "You have access to the total information field of the universe, could you not give more global assistance to our transcommunication research groups?"

Resposta: “Nada seria mais fácil fácil. Nós poderíamos transmitir-lhes todo o saber do vosso mundo e dos outros mundos. Só que vocês não poderiam fazer nada com ele, vocês não poderiam inserir este conhecimento, por que vocês não dominam os seus fundamentos. A única escolha possível do nosso lado, é o de preparar o terreno em casa para vos conduzir mais longe e para vos ajudar para superar os obstáculos. Outra coisa: se não for possível para nós vincular vosso potencial espiritual, também não será possível construir uma ponte durável, então, só teremos relações esporádicas, para que vocês não desanimem.

Our question: “There are also low-level, negative entities that mix with our transcommunication. Can't you order these entities to access your fun?

Answer: “My dear ones, it is you who attract these entities, that is why it is impossible for us to intervene”.

Conclusion (page 39)

To conclude, let me briefly condense the essentials: transcommunication is a gift for us, a grace, so that we can expand our consciousness. All of us who have experienced transcommunication are assisting in the birth of a new spiritual consciousness. Of course, the being who thinks rationally does not know what to do with this “novelty”.

At all times, the paths of revelation have been different according to individuals. You see, transcommunication is a permanent gift, the question is whether the “receiving” person is connected to receive the information. Think about it, if your television is not connected, no image will appear, even if the information is latently present. The will of the Almighty is that the human being can recognize the grace that there is a life after death, otherwise life would not make any sense.

And don't forget: technique is not everything, technique alone is not enough to get good contacts. The most sophisticated devices do not replace the power of thought, the spirit and soul of the human being replace negative dispositions, and above all, they do not replace love, the love that can do anything, everything that these devices, by themselves, never succeed.

I will end by communicating two messages to you from the other side that I deliver to your meditation.

The first says: “Nothing you were able to do was wasted and everywhere in your world transcommunication will continue to develop. The time for this realization has begun, many studies are underway, many people are chosen, but few have the vocation”.

The second message is just a sentence but it has an important meaning:

“The love of the Most High has no limits”.

I believe there is nothing more important to us than knowing that we are safe in the goodness of the Almighty and that, after our physical death, a new and undoubtedly happier life will begin for us.

Book: La Transcommunication, Parasciences, La Collection des Sciences Parallèles, Jean-Michel Grandsire, 1998

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