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Searching for answers

Episode 01,

I started to observe the phenomenon of electronic voices as a child, around the year 2000, when my father carried out his TCI/EVP research at our house, in the city of Canoas, Rio Grande do Sul. I was very curious to know where these voices came from, some clearly said my name. As the experiments were carried out at dawn, some of these manifestations asked me to go to sleep, perhaps so that I would not be somewhat overwhelmed by what I could hear in these experimental episodes.

On the kitchen table, right there, the arrangements of equipment, radio, microphone and recorder were assembled. I realized that my father wanted answers to many things, he, an electronics technician, was trying to find out where this unknown energy interacted with his equipment. Really everything incredible, the big analogue clock on the window and the ticking of the hands marked 02:00 in the morning together with the noise of the equipment transported me to another reality, everything that I observed would make a great movie, which would captivate us from the beginning at the end in the quest to unravel this great mystery of the EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena). There were hundreds of k7 tapes recorded at that time, many hours dedicated to research, whenever my father allowed, he made me present with attentive eyes and ears.

I also started my studies in music, keyboard and later guitar. My hearing is somewhat sharp due to this musical contact at a young age, so it was very easy for me to interpret the messages received via the recorder. I learned how to solder some components on the electronics bench under my father's supervision and together we built a 'galena' radio for presentation at the school science fair.

(In the center, photograph with Samuel Andriotte, holding his phone and his galena radio on the table)

Fate prepared me for further studies 23 years later.

You will follow in this Blog session, several reports and discoveries over the years. Thank you for following along to this first episode! Take care...


Samuel Andriotte, 35 years old,

Technician Electrotechnical

Technician electronics

Graduating Eng. Power


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